Frequently Asked Questions

In the state of North Carolina, a physician’s referral is not required, by law, for physical therapy secondary to a patient’s direct access to PT care. Some insurance companies do require a physician’s referral for insurance reimbursement. It is best to call your insurance prior to see if a referral is required for reimbursement.
A patient has the right to choose the healthcare provider most appropriate for themselves and their injury. We recommend researching your injury and various treatments that may be appropriate for the injury and then making an educated decision of what facility is best for you.
Rebound PT is owned and operated by a Physical Therapist. We feel our time is best utilized treating and helping our patients return to their active lifestyles. Often in clinics that file insurance the PT is seeing multiple patients at a time, or the patient is treated by an assistant, tech, or aide after the initial visit. Larger clinics often allow insurance reimbursement to influence/dictate treatment plans to optimize their payment. We, at Rebound PT, feel it is important for a licensed physical therapist to assess and treat the patient every visit for the entire duration of the visit. This allows for quicker recovery: less visits, less money out of pocket, less time away from work, family, friends, and “PLAY”. All leading to ‘reBounding back to everything you Love‘!
Rebound Physical Therapy is considered out-of-network with all insurance companies, except Medicare (unfortunately we are unable to treat Medicare patients).
Each visit takes approximately 1 hour. During the visit, the physical therapist will perform a comprehensive evaluation and treatment to return you to your previous activities without limitations. Each treatment plan is completely individualized to each patent. Please bring all needed imaging, ie x-ray, MRI, etc to the initial visit. Appropriate clothing would include comfortable, loose fitting clothing and sneakers.
  • The rate for all treatment sessions is $150 for initial visit (includes comprehensive evaluation) and $100 per additional visits.
  • Rebound Physical Therapy is considered out-of-network with all insurance companies. (Unfortunately, we are unable to treat Medicare patients for physical therapy services). We will provide you with the necessary paperwork for you to submit for reimbursement from your insurance company.
  • Please call your insurance company to determine your personalized out-of-network physical therapy benefits.